iBeacon Gaming Experience

iBeacon Powered Gaming Apps – A Different Gaming Experience

The gaming world which sells more units in comparison to most industries worldwide in undergoing a revamp!

Thanks to iBeacons introduced by Apple in 2013 and other companies manufacturing beacons for third-party devices, the iBeacon technology is now seen almost everywhere. You might still not know about the iBeacon around you!

Coming back to gaming, gaming companies are now using new strategies to make brand new games that will simply revolutionize gameplay in conjunction with iBeacons for user, which will not only act as a game server relay, but also host critical players and relay their current location to the entire multiplayer arena.

Here are some experiences you can expect in your mobile games very soon in an iBeacon powered games, as iBeacon is the future of mobile connectivity in closed areas-

Augmented Reality Gets Better

  • With iBeacons and Facebook’s Oculus or the Nintendo Wii, very soon games will launch that portray the real Augmented Reality.
  • You will see real players nearby fighting against you in a game and not bots!
  • Even in most AR games, a lot of functionality of the character in a game is controlled by the game’s code, but with iBeacons you can manoeuvre your character in newer ways just like motion capture used in CGI based cinema.

Better Scalability

  • There is normally a limit to multiplayer games when handling multiple players inside one scene. The game can hang, servers can crash or graphics can stall for some seconds.
  • With Bluetooth running from a local device and many players playing in a mobile game, iBeacons will manage each player’s gameplay and location with flawlessness and avoid server crashes since Bluetooth does not require higher bandwidth unlike Wi-Fi or 2G/3G/4G data.
  • It acts as your own transmitter and relays information with ease.

Tap-Lab – Tiny Tycoons (Game)

  • This game uses iBeacons and communicates with mobile devices and other iBeacons in a daisy-chain to relay and broadcast content to all nearby Bluetooth-powered devices.
  • The game is a Location-Based Empire Building Game in which you get to own real-world places like Cafeterias, hotels and other buildings currently around you!
  • To complete levels, you need to actually travel to beacon locations and buy other famous venues by bidding against the ‘current owner’ of that place! Once successful, you win countless rewards.
  • Apart from that, you get to travel more and see more of this world that you wouldn’t have seen if not for this game’s gameplay!

Foursquare Location Data

  • Foursquare, the iconic app that helps you locate newer places will now use iBeacons to attract newer customers via push notifications.
  • Like Tiny Tycoons, new games will be developed for gameplay at these locations with beacons that will help people enjoy their experience along with dining or having fun with their friends.
  • For gamers, they can invited to try out newer games that use virtual reality inside such places to earn more points or cash rewards that will help boost business of that area.

Nintendo’s Handheld 3DS Gaming Device

  • This device uses technology similar to Bluetooth iBeacons, but uses more power in that process while locating hotspots to deliver current game information.
  • With BLE, this device and similar devices in this portable gaming category like iPhones, iPads and Android phones can benefit with quicker push notifications and will not have to locate a hotspot themselves since BLE runs for over 100 metres in each area which helps you expand your reach.

With iBeacons, possibilities for the gaming industry are endless especially in the mobile gaming genre. The technology is revolutionizing business verticals by offering benefits for user and merchants both. You will very soon see more iBeacon powered iOS gaming apps around you that you can play and enhance your gameplay even better!