How iBeacon Trend Will Impact Future Prospect

The  bang of technology has always surprised the business world. The next move following the iBeacon technology witnessed consistent growth, holding a significant role in the global IoT infrastructure. The first iBeacon version released by the Apple works on Bluetooth low energy to bring interaction between customer and dealer. Although, developers are working to come up with more beacon based services for different platform.

Today, people are more to adopt the same, as growth in both business and customer fronts has undergone rapid transformation. iBeacon owes an innate ability to deliver contextual, timely and personalized mobile experiences.

It is amazingly surprised to know that, the popularity of beacon-based technology has leveraged such solution to across 19 industry verticals. Further, source from ABI research, forecast that 400 million beacons based services will  be deployed by 2020.

In this post, let’s explore the top beacon trends, considering the future growth prospect  to the customer behavior patterns.

Future Potential Will Increase:

The global beacon technology market  is expected to accelerate across several areas, from  beacon investments  to beacon deployments. This is a promising proximity sensor in the market, which showcase huge future potential. According to Proxbook, proximity sensors  deployed  globally counts to 8,273,500, out of which 6,061,500 are beacons.

Retail To Master Beacon Deployments

In this omnichannel retail space, it’s critical for retailers to connect with customers in both the digital and physical worlds. No doubt, beacons are one of the essential triggers to engage customers from both the world in the most efficient and seamless way.

  • Over the next five years, it is expected that approx 70%of the retail companies will use beacons based solution.
  • Top retailers have already joined the race and investing in beacon project

Acceptance Towards Proximity Solutions

Today, customers are ready to embrace the beacon technology and share location and personal information in order to have enhanced and relevant experiences.

  • Approx 22% customer now shares data to avail personalized, engaging and timely customer services.
  • According to a study, 91% men and 76% women were influenced by in-store beacon technology
  • Beacons are a crucial part of Push Notification, opted by approx 52% of the user

Promising Industry Trends

In the technology driven world, the beacon solution providers increased. Significantly, the scope of proximity solutions developed and delivered has also soared, leading to adoption beacon-based proximity solutions by various industry verticals

In the future, we are sure to unfold more beacon based services, and more and more industry vertical will start to participate in this new and promising technology.