OCR Technology

Evolution of OCR Technology Has Changed the Visage of Mobility

Facet and features of innovative OCR technology

Innovation and technology have mesmerized human kind through its effects on environment, lifestyle and working. The development of OCR i.e. Optical Character recognition technology is the result of decades long research and findings. Technically, it works like a scanner but has uniquely different features from the generic photo scanner. It recognizes the characters of printed or written text, photo scan them, analyze the scanned images/text and finally, convert the character images into ASCII codes. The best facet of this innovative technology is that unlike scanner, it allows editing onto the converted PDF document/ scanned image or data. Today this technology is embraced by numerous industrial sectors and educational institutions to ease the cumbersome tasks involved in their working operations like document capturing or data processing.

Impact of Mobile Technology on mobility

Mobility is a vast term that encapsulates just one thing i.e. movement or ability to move. Today, technology has broadened the horizons of mobility through the invention of mobile and internet. Offices are no more closed room spaces where one has to spend days and nights to execute their jobs. Geographical boundaries are constrained to maps and roads only but not for work, employment, communication and sociology.

Mobile devices, tablets, smartphones, notebooks have paved the path of enterprise mobility as they are equipped with enormous features, essential softwares and impactful technology. The current observation highlights that there has been a significant shift in the working culture in organizations. Now, employees can perform their work/business tasks outside office via mobile devices in collaboration with cloud services.  It is easy to carry corporate data via technological driven storage devices to the client site/or any other place for presentation, research, analysis, discussion etc. Imagine the virtual advantages of mobile technology on mobility including employee productivity, company’s growth, swiftness in tasks, saving of time and increase in money.

Here, mobility is not only about organizations and employees. It is about each and every sector existing in the current market i.e. education, transportation, logistics, foreign trade, commerce, social networking etc. Mobile technology has innovatively advanced their working system and way of interaction.

OCR Technology brings efficiency in mobility

OCR technology has been effectively adopted by mobile app developing companies. Mobile devices are considered to as essential gadgets in human life. People from all the levels of society own them like any other basic necessity. Mobile app developers keep generating effective apps for the benefit as well as entertainment of their customers. Amongst myriad mobile applications, they have recently introduced OCR mobile apps with distinguishable features that can bring efficiency in the user’s working lifestyle.

OCR technology in mobile applications can improve efficiency in their work. It helps in managing information via document capturing and management. Any written article, content or enterprise data whether digital, scanned or hand-written can be converted into machine printed text by single click of mobile equipped with OCR technology. Additionally, you have the leverage to make necessary alterations in the text, make innumerable copies, store and save it safely or send it to as many recipients from your mobile itself.

Users can experience convenience in work-flows with OCR Mobile Technology. The paper-work gets minimal and it would be easy to analyze image or extract data without the hassle of any server problem, data connection or geographical constraint. Everything shall be available on the screen of your mobile device.

OCR Mobile Apps grants speed access to information. In addition if they provide language versions also, then they can address the regional truncation requirements around the world. It is advantageous to banks, financial institutions, merchants, retailers and BPOs.

How OCR Technology is changing the visage of mobility?

  • The era of mobility is stepping onto next generation with OCR technology. It has inserted a new chapter in the current information processing infrastructure.
  • Infusion of today’s smartphone, which are equipped with multitude of technological features, with OCR technology can enhance workplace functions pertaining to data processing.
  • OCR Mobile technology is an extension of data processing environment. The mobile app developers can design effective applications that allow the industry and traders to port services to mobile platforms.

Some examples of OCR technology on mobility can help in better understanding like-:

A mobile user can easily capture the images of the receipts of its business trip without any fear of loss of data and can thus, prepare its expense report via use of OCR. The use of Mobile OCR by logistics companies in capturing shipping documents, PoDs or other security documents.

Thus, after understanding numerous benefits of OCR in mobility it’s time to embrace OCR technology with open arms as it comes with appreciable benefits and uses for both mobile consumer as well as corporation.