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How e-Commerce Portals manage to offer great Discounts?


The marketplace e-Commerce portals are increasingly becoming more popular; thanks to the plethora of choices they extend to spoil the consumer. Adding icing to the cake are the incredible cash-back offers and deep discounts extended by the e-Commerce companies to drive traffic to their portals.

Leading the race are obviously Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Paytm, all of whom are fiercely battling for their share of the pie. The e-commerce industry is thriving these days with not just the youth but even the wider age group population going the electronic way to make their purchase.

With a mind-boggling range of products, ready product and cost comparisons, multiple payment options and of course the deep discounts, it is a no-brainer as to why the e-Commerce Industry is the most buzzing place.

The question, however, is as to how these companies are able to manage such awesome offers, that too as a norm and not as an exception. Here’s how they do it:

Special Prices:

The sellers of the products offer exclusive discounted prices to the e-Commerce companies on the premise of high volume business expected from these online marketplaces.

Zero Maintenance Cost:

The absence of any maintenance costs for running a showroom or retail outlet means that e-Commerce sites share these savings with the consumer.

Nominal Logistics:

e-Commerce portals cut down the transportation cost because there is no need to transfer the goods and services from warehouse to the showroom. The only logistics cost involved is delivery to the consumer, as such this cost saving is shared with the consumer in shape of discounts.

Eliminating Middle-men Cost:

It is one of the major factors that helps lower costs. A not-too-stretched supply chain means mark-ups of intermediaries are reduced and this benefit can be passed onto the end consumer.

While many point out that the e-Commerce companies may not be able to offer such heavy discounts in the long run, consumers are making most of it and will continue to do so till the time the e-Commerce companies pamper them with a wide breadth of products matched with attractive discounts and cash-back offers.

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