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Digital Transformation of Pharma R&D

In today’s world, where mobile applications are available for everything, pharmaceutical sector also leveraging with the technology. Mobile applications with advanced computing abilities are becoming essential part of every sector of pharmaceutical industry from R&D to logistic and supply-chain management. Internet of things (IoT) and BOTS are the new technologies that has been combined with […]

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Digital and IoT based solution to automate polyhouses

In today’s world, App and web-based solutions are in demand in every business ranging from retail to manufacturing. Agriculture sector is also adapting these digital solutions in modern agriculture practices of polyhouses and hydroponics. Polyhouses is a practice used to cultivate plant under controlled atmosphere for increasing yield and quality of the crops. The development […]

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Future Advancements in Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) Technology

Range of biomedical and other analytical research and experiments which generally performed in a controlled condition for scientific experiments, research and diagnosis or measurement. Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) denotes to technologies which permit these experiments and analysis on a very miniaturized scale, within a portable or handheld device. LOC has various beneficial aspects to operating on this […]

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Digital solutions in Biotechnology

Digital solutions in Biotechnology- In past, many momentous scientific discoveries were made accidently in natural and unusual habitats. Today, biotechnology research is typically done in well equipped, technology loaded expensive laboratories. Monitoring of these instruments and equipment’s is quite laborious task and needed expertise. Scenario has been more changed with information technology enters in the […]

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