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Granny’s Quick Tips -Top 10 Android Developers You Must Follow on Google+


Your grandmother is right. Google Plus hosts the best and the largest cliques of technology enthusiast and especially Android freaks, UX designers, coders and hackers. We hate telling you that you should have been on Google Plus (since yesterday), but yes today is probably better than never. Here is why your granny is right. We give you the top 10 Android developers you must follow on Google Plus.

  • Paul Burke

An eminent figure an established authority in Android UI design and one of the best Android developers within the community. Former Google-r founder of several Android initiatives in NYC including Touch Lab and Droplat LLC. Paul Burke’s tong is nothing less than sharp while speaking on best and worst Android UI design patterns and cases. We have already featured his opinion in the 3 Epic Android design failures blog post.

  • Al Sutton

System architect, Android coder, founder of Funky Android with impressive 31k followers on Google Plus. His interest recently lies in the security aspects of Android along with coding on Android which seems to be his lifetime passion. Active community member

  • Wolfram Rittmeyer

What could demonstrate unconditional love for Android and Open Source? One option is naming your child after the founder of Linux. He is also extremely community oriented and loves to share insights on Android development which he regularly does on his personal blog

  • Chris Banes

Android developer at Google, calling himself ghostbuster. Active blogger who shares personal experiences on various tweaks and projects he has been working on (just to make a note, there are no recent blog posts on his personal blog). He is also the mastermind of Flow for Facebook an application which improves your Facebook experience on Android powered devices.

  • Cyril Mottier

Android developer at Capitaine Train, an Android app which according to statistic bursts with popularity as the best train ticket booking app in France. Also an avid blogger which admits that lately his inactivity on his personal blog is caused due to lack of time and laziness^^.  This should not prevent you from visiting his blog as one of the finest source of Android tips, descriptions of developer environment, tools etc.

  • Taylor Ling

A passionate Android designer who doesn’t save on bragging elaborating his frequent speaking engagements on popular Android conferences and events such as DroidCon UK 2013. Taylor Ling is also frequent contributor to Android User Interface & User experience, a blog which I consider a must on the reading list for every Android UX designer

  • Guenther Beyer

Guenther is cofounder of Opoloo where he designs interfaces and icons for smart websites and mobile software and  Androidicons, to support developers with handcrafted icons to improve their apps. His work with Opoloo seems to do nothing less than bringing fantasies down to reality, or as he would love to say it – colonize old celestial bodies anew.

  • Chris Lacy

What is bit twiddler? I have no idea, but however that is how Chris calls himself and the work he does. A fanatic social media networker with 14k followers on Google Plus. He is also the founder of Action Launcher and Link Bubble for which he currently invites translators for several languages to help him with the localization of what he calls “mobile browsing being done right”

  • Nick Butcher

Not just another developer working @Google and helping in making awesome Android apps. Nick’s keen interest lies in questions that scratch many people’s backs including whether an Android developer can be a designer, and to what extent should the two complement each other. He records a nice interview on this and few other similar topics during Devoxx 2013. Have a look:

  • Roman Nurik

Beware!  We are talking about an extreme case of Android obsession here. Not a single post on Roman’s Google Plus profile refers to anything else than Android. A design advocate @Google, who has done several independent Android projects among which DashClock  Widget which enjoys 5-star review from over 21K happy Android users and Muzei Live Wallpaper which brags with the same numbers. Don’t leave without visiting Roman’s personal website for daily shot on design inspiration and different thinking.

…And a Bonus

The 11th Google Plus profile featuring Android knowledge you must follow – Mobiloitte’s. Follow us to stay updated on selected news from the various realms of Android.

In case we have missed mentioning something worthy on the folks above (we are sure we have), do not hesitate to add the supplementary information below in comments.

Would you add someone else on this list?


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