Telemedicine Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

How Will Telemedicine Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry?

Over the decades we have seen immense growth in the healthcare industry with the latest innovations and innovations that offer comfort and ease. Nevertheless, the industry still faces many challenges, especially when it comes to accessibility and affordability of services for both patients and healthcare providers. Telemedicine is one of the approaches that the medical […]

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Remote Working During COVID-19

How are we Practicing Remote Working during COVID-19 to Remain Fit & Productive

The epidemic of coronavirus (COVID-19) has been officially identified as a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), suggesting infection is accelerating at the same time in several countries. With travel bans, lockdowns, and imposed quarantines, schools, universities, and offices are being closed, and the government passed the rule to avoid large gatherings of people. […]

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Security Token Offering

How would I create my own security token offerings (STO)?

Blockchain is one of the exciting technologies supporting crypto-assets such as Ether, Bitcoin, utility tokens, and tokens for protection. Crypto-assets give the financial services industry a huge opportunity to bring change. In addition, utility tokens simply serve as access to the service while the security tokens are entitled to specific privileges such as income sharing […]

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