6 Things That Will Define the Future of Mobile Apps In 2016

Better User Interface and User Experience

Nowadays our dependability on mobile phones has increased tremendously making our lives simpler. An app with better interface will no doubt increase its popularity resulting in more downloads.

Cloud Based Development Approach

No doubt, cloud based technology has gained pace over the last few years. The cloud approach is facilitating developers to develop apps for different platforms using shared resources and information. It will not only decrease costs, but also increase accessibility.


Higher Security

Security will be the main concern for businesses in 2016 and in upcoming years. According to Gartner, 75% of the portable applications would not have the capacity to pass even essential security tests.  Mobile applications with higher security will get higher priority.

Cross Platform Compatible Apps

Enterprises are adopting hybrid app development technology because it enhances app platform compatibility. There are many tools which supports hybrid framework to build multi-platform supporting mobile apps. Moreover, hybrid apps are cost effective.

Wearable Devices

Wearable devices are the latest trend in today’s techno market, and mostly used in the fitness and fashion industry. The applications for wearable devices operate from mobile phones. Smart wearable devices have already started playing a vital role in the health sector. So, we can predict a boom in wearable devices in 2016.Wearable

Internet of things

It is the next big thing and there are lots of expectations around it. Its scope is also much bigger; from smart houses to smart vehicles, everything is getting a revolutionary touch through IoT. Internet of things will soon connect our entire world together, making technology more intelligent and us humans smarter.
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