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Digital and IoT based solution to automate polyhouses

In today’s world, App and web-based solutions are in demand in every business ranging from retail to manufacturing. Agriculture sector is also adapting these digital solutions in modern agriculture practices of polyhouses and hydroponics. Polyhouses is a practice used to cultivate plant under controlled atmosphere for increasing yield and quality of the crops. The development […]

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Video Analytics Technology and Internet of Things

These days video analytics technology is transforming the Internet of Things and creating new opportunities across various industry verticals. This is a technology that is allowing cameras to recognize people, objects, and situations automatically and applies machine-learning algorithms to video feeds. These applications are relatively new, but there are many factors that are encouraging their […]

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Future Advancements in Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) Technology

Range of biomedical and other analytical research and experiments which generally performed in a controlled condition for scientific experiments, research and diagnosis or measurement. Lab-on-a-chip (LOC) denotes to technologies which permit these experiments and analysis on a very miniaturized scale, within a portable or handheld device. LOC has various beneficial aspects to operating on this […]

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Down load Free Antivirus security

Your guidebook towards the best antivirus security software and protection application pertaining to Macintosh personal computer 2018 with respect to your assurance. The great news is normally that through steps to keep your machine patched and caught up and use a good security application merchandise you have not worry about. These advertisings happen to be […]

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