10 Hidden Goof Ups Made by Startups While Undertaking App Development


Mobile Apps development is getting bigger in its requisite as it supports and aids marketing businesses irrespective of its genre and size or nature. However it is certainly one of the most assured methods to get closer to your customers. Mobile apps, being the future of the business world, offer a comprehensive insight while you make marketing as your target. This is so because Apps offer some of the most valuable and vital feedback from the customers, as they are highly interactive and can very well choose from the precise product or service they want, without indulging into deeper details of your business.

However, no matter Apps is the future of the business world.  There are many new and raw entrepreneurs who make mistakes that could actually result as a hazard to the business and make the entire devotion, investment, time etc, go hollow.

So, if you are a start-up, looking forward to look for a designing team that would give shape to your first –ever app, here are a few mistakes to make, as building an App is both, time consuming and costly, so we definitely don’t want to let your efforts go out in vain.

Ask yourself the need for your App

Just because others in the market have them and so does your competitor, don’t start randomly getting the App created, instead analyze the need, its benefits on your business, and then go for getting it tailored in the best possible structure to offer innovation and prosperity over your business.

Identify your Audience well

It remains extremely imperative to know your audience well, check upon the popular device they use, which operating system works best for them etc. Certainly there is no point getting an iOS based App made for customers who largely use Android, right?

Work upon and be aware of the costs involved

Do not take a step that could get you in a fixed situation in the future. Try to extract the entire comprehensive details about all that you would have to pay for, once you get the App developed. Being a start-up, you need to prepare about the entire amount that you would have to pay. There are many stages in the development process that needs payment, so be assure about that. You will have to pay for the app marketing, app development, the UI layout along with maintenance of the app.

Do not unfold all about the App

As they say, unwrap the attention-grabbing things one at a time, it’s always more attractive, striking and keeps you going. Do not introduce all the features in one go, no matter its cost friendly and reduce the pressure of creating the development team again over the time. However it remains a fact that the market demands innovations, so keep the first release as the base and then keep on adding attributes to further keep your users engaged and asking for more.

Save money but spend at the right aspects

Being a start-up, you would certainly require keeping a check on the costs, so indulge in cost cutting wherever possible, however do not compromise over the quality. There is nothing more harmful than hiring a cheaper and relatively new team of people who learn and experiment on your project. This could not only urge you to pay the double of the cost, but always at time ruin the entire master plan behind your business idea. Make a lucrative App from an experienced bunch and see it selling for itself.

Do not underestimate the power of the Social Media

No matter all this while we have been considering the social media just to socialize with friends and mates, however now is the era, when its power adds much element over to the business world. Toss your app over Facebook, Twitter etc and see it grow and expand over its users. This would be the best publicity for your app in the lowest possible cost. Trust us on this!

Test the App well

This remains an equally essential aspect, related to the App Development process. You need to be very clear and precise with the development team about getting your App well and timely tested, before its scheduled launch. The Developer or the company should be able to run the app well, across the preferred platform, check for bugs if any in order to make the first time users fall in love with the experience they get for the first time they download the particular App.

Make an App for people with minimalistic understanding

Yes, you read it right, remember that your app would reach and get popular amongst the common people and it would definitely need to be extremely simple, so that the less understanding person can also get through it, and if not, then it might be complex. So there could be chances for it to fail in the market. Users no matter layman or technocrats want the Apps to be very quick, prompt and easily flowing.

Keep the developing team constant

Stop changing the developing team often; it could make the App more complex, while further causing a delay in its launch. Pick on the Mobile App development team after a thorough research, as  you will invest money and your  precious time in the development procedure, so take it slow, but steady in your decision.

Extremely Important Marketing 

Marketing emerges to be the complementary side of the coin that goes hand in hand with development, so pay equivalent attention towards it. Do not overlook through this important element in order to make your App shine brightly in the devices of numerous users rather than sitting in the App store looking for users.’

“Take it slow and right in order to make your app excel out brightly”